Happy Thesaurus Day!

How many times have you changed your entire sentence because you couldn’t find the right word to describe what you’re trying to express?

Been there, done that. Just a few times.

I do have a secret weapon, though …

The Synonym Finder is the BEST thesaurus EVER! It has a better (or preferable) word for most any word. So next time you can’t find the right way to say it, use The Synonym Finder. And no, this is not an advertisement, I just love this book-of-mine!

Happy Thesaurus Day!!

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Meg, I can so agree with your writing block. Because I don’t write for professional publication or class grade, I have found that it is too easy to rely on saying things the same way over and over. Not good or very useful. When I read over what I have written, I am aghast at how uninspiring and repetitive it all sounds!! The Thesaurus beside the computer is a good idea. I should add one to keep my little dictionary, that I bought last year while doing a MJF badge, good company.

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