1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I love, love, love Robins!! They always pass through Florida on their way north and spend a brief time in my backyard. They are the harbingers of Spring to me!

  2. MaryJane et al,
    You don’t know this but these photos-of-the-day as they arrive in my inbox daily have been a lifeline to me for months now. On Dec., 12th 2013, my hubby collapsed from a gran mal seizure, quite out of the blue- he’d never had anything like this ever in his 50 years of life- landing him in the hospital. Tests showed that this perfectly healthy looking guy had two masses; one in his brain and one in his lung. Instead of a biopsy to determine what the masses were/are, instead, on Dec., 14th he had brain surgery and the whole brain tumor was removed and used for all the pathology needed. Several days later we learned he has stage4 melanoma and we have been on a rollercoaster of emotions and treatments since then trying to beat his aggressive disease. He has completed radiation, both to the brain and the lung. His brain is healing from surgery and radiation well and on this coming Wednesday he starts 6 straight weeks of chemo. I’m telling you this because I need to tell you what a comfort the darling, lovely, wonderful photos-of-the-day are to me. My life is all cattywampus, maybe to never be righted again, but each day I hear from you in a charming, sweet, consistent way. I gaze at the gorgeous photos seeing things I would otherwise miss right now because my life, my spirit, is so wholly consumed with the enormous job of dealing with cancer, dealing with life with cancer. Nonetheless, I am hopeful. The prognosis is good.
    MaryJane and co., Keep up the great work with the daily photos and know they mean much, maybe more then you can imagine, to me and, I’m guessing, it is the same with others. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Karen farmgirl #89

    • MaryJane says:

      Dear sweet Karen, we had no idea you were going through this. We’re honored that you’ve chosen to share what you’re going through with us. Our daily photos are for you then. Our thoughts will be with you daily also. I’m sitting here remembering all the interactions, photos, and stories you’ve shared with us over the years and it’s a huge big pile full of wondrous, positive light and so very full of life. You’ve amassed a lifetime of love from which to draw. Our love and thoughts your way.

      • Whoo-hoo! MaryJane! The photo-of-the-days are for me! I knew it, I just knew it! What a comfort you are to me. Thank you. This is better than Christmas (and that’s saying a lot(!) coming from me because I adore Christmas!) which only comes once a year. But I get MJB POTD’s especially for me every day! Whoo-hoo & woot-woot! Much love, Karen no. 89
        PS FYI -I started a FB page to keep people updated on our cancer journey, & if you want updates, I can invite you to like the page. It was a strange thing for me to do actually. I agonized over what to do for days. I was drowning in texts, emails and phone calls all wanting to help and know how we were doing and couldn’t keep up with responding to it all. It was recommended to me to start a “caringbridge” page for David in order to keep people updated on our situation in a manageable way, but I just couldn’t do it. It was emotionally too difficult for me to admit he needed a “caringbridge” page! Crazy, huh? So, I started a Facebook page instead and avoided the gut wrenching admission my husband was suddenly at death’s door were it not for incredible medical and divine intervention. Denial in this instance has worked well for me and for us. The Facebook page has worked its magic and my inboxes are no longer inundated. It is a relief to know I’m no longer not responding to someone who has shown us only love and concern. I feel much better. I wish to categorically state though, here and now, that I think “caringbridge” is a wonderful site. Just because I couldn’t face having a page myself, I go to it often to check on folks I know who are sick and using its fine services, so I can hear of their progress. I post my prayers and love for them and know the site is an untold blessing to us all. I would recommend the “caringbridge” route to others in my situation over Facebook even. Go figure! -KE

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