Teen Girls vs. Tractor

Today’s NEWS from Oregon: 2 Teen Girls Save Dad By Lifting 3,000 Pound Tractor Off His Chest

Jeff Smith, at home recovering from a broken wrist and compression injuries, was saved by his 14-year old daughter, Haylee, and 15-year-old daughter, Hannah, and their amazing feat of strength. Jeff was pushing his tractor against a stump when his foot slipped off the clutch. The 1949 Ferguson tractor walked up the stump and flipped over backwards, crushing him beneath the steering wheel. “We heard him yelling. When we got there, his face was white, his eyes blood red, and he couldn’t breath.” said Haylee. “So we each grabbed an axle, counted to three, and lifted.” Jeff was able to get one precious breath of air. They lifted again. He was able to scoot over enough for his lungs to fill but his arm was still pinned. One of the girls went for help while one of the girls stayed with him, continuing to dig beneath him with her hands so he could continue to breath.

Go super-human-strength can-do will-do FARMGIRLS!!!!!!!!

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Heroic effort when seconds really counted!! Way to go Farmgirls for thinking on your feet and keeping your Dad alive!

  2. Carol Gillen says:

    Wow! You GO, Girls!!

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