Farmgirl REVIVAL

Drum roll please! Introducing Farmgirl Revival bath soaks—these relaxing and aroma-therapeutic blends of natural USDA certified organic herbs and essential oils, are combined with Epsom salts in a way that will leave you …

… feeling fresh, pampered, and fortified for whatever lies ahead.

Each blend, Farmgirl Favorite, Bathing Beauty, and Sun-Kissed Skin, contains three bath pouches filled to the brim, by hand, with love, from MaryJanesFarm. Additionally, we’re recycling hundreds of tins that have been in storage in our barn waiting for this very moment. Here’s what the labels on the tins say:


has had a long and useful life. It was originally used to store heirloom seeds on the Washington State University campus. In the farmgirl spirit of reuse, recycle, and renew, we’ve found a new use for them. We hope you will find another way to keep this tin alive after you’ve used your last cloth bath soak bag, also reusable.


into a hot bath and let it steep for a few minutes before you bathe. After bathing, discard bag contents into compost, wash bag, and reuse.

These bath soaks will be available for purchase soon at the MaryJanesFarm Store in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and MaryJane’s Sweet Dreams store in Moscow, Idaho. (Not available online. Sorry:)

  1. Laurie Dimino says:

    Just as I got all excited….I continued on to read that they are not available online :(. NO fair!!!!!
    This just further proves my point that I simply MUST get to the B&B for a stay soon. Then I can visit the store in Moscow too!
    I just love the idea of re-using these tins, and I love the saying you’ve put on the tins. Looks like you have come up with yet another wonderful, useful product!

  2. Beautiful! =) My friend has the Sun-Kissed skin one. Simply amazing. 🙂
    I was wondering, why did your store in Cda shut down? I live nearby and often enjoyed viewing the adorable handcrafted things in it. Are you planning on opening one nearby, or say, in Sandpoint? =)

    • MaryJane says:

      It’s still going strong, better than ever. What made you think it has closed? Moscow store still open also. Hmmm.

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