Kids Give Back

An educational, green way to fund-raise for your school or favorite organization, The Equal Exchange Fund-raising Program allows donors to buy high-quality, delicious products while supporting small-scale farmers and artisans who, in turn, support their communities and the environment. The fund-raiser features Equal Exchange’s organic and fairly traded coffee, tea, cocoa, and healthy snacks, and Ten Thousand Villages’ handmade and fairly traded crafts and gifts from small-scale artisans around the globe.

An added bonus? Kids learn about where their food comes from and how everyday actions as small as buying a candy bar can affect farmers and families around the world. Perfect for school fund-raisers that typically feature cheap products and low-quality candy, Equal Exchange even provides free, downloadable lesson plans and short videos for the classroom.


“Our Equal Exchange fund-raiser was much more than a fund-raiser; it was a vehicle that sparked conversations among our students, faculty, and parents about how our behaviors and practices in our own community impact communities across the globe. Besides, it’s easy to choose organic and fair trade when it tastes great!”
– Brimmer and May School

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    This is a fabulous program! I wish every school would choose something like this instead of the usual wrapping paper and boxed candy!

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