Unlikely Loves

“Love is in the air. Just as the New York Times bestseller Unlikely Friendships documented incredible stories of interspecies bonds, Unlikely Loves offers a heartwarming look at animals who have a deep, loving attachment to each other.”

Author Jennifer S. Holland interviewed scientists, zoologists, and animal caretakers from around the world. You don’t want to miss reading about the girl and the moose.

Or the hen and the pups.

Or miss a good happy cry when you get to the part about the Dalmatian who cares for a motherless newborn lamb.

With 43 stories, Unlikely Loves shows us that love means never having to say you’re different.


  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Oh gosh, this looks like a must have. I also know myself well enough to make sure I don’t sit down with it without a box of kleenex next to me. The photos already make me feel misty eyed!

  2. The love between animals, even between those of different species, never ceases to amaze. This looks like such a sweet life affirming book. Thanks MaryJane for suggesting such happy reading.

  3. Jacqueline Ferri says:

    Yes that is amazing. In fact my mother had found an orphaned baby racoon. She brought it inside to take care of it . My parent’s female dog, Blitzie, decided to be the racoon’s mother. She actually nursed the racoon ! When the racoon was old enough she contacted an organization that help animals return to the wild.

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