Get Out a Hankie

Oh, my …

Before you go any further, grab a hankie.


Otherwise, happy tears will be pooling into your lap after watching this video.

Are you ready? Hankie in hand?


As you might imagine from watching adorable Emily James caress her flowing pre-cut locks, her favorite princess is Rapunzel.

Hair is serious business to this 3-year-old.

But, “serious” took on a whole new meaning when Emily decided to cut her hair and donate it to kids who’ve lost their hair to cancer.

Emily’s mom, Amy, had donated her own hair in high school and thought it would be a win-win way to tame Emily’s unruly locks (if you’ve ever tackled a little girl’s tangles, you know how trying it can be!).

“We hope to instill an attitude of giving to all of our kids,” Amy James told “We want them to realize that everything we have is a blessing from God and it’s really important to give to others when we can.”

Emily agreed to let her Uncle Matt, a stylist, cut her hair—on one condition.

Her Rapunzel doll had to be shorn too, too.

Done deal!

Following the haircut, both Emily and her mom (and, presumably, Rapunzel) reported that they were enjoying the low-maintenance style and felt happy about sending six inches of lovely locks to the Canadian Cancer Society, where they are destined to become a wig for a pediatric cancer patient.

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Wow, this little girl is very brave and precocious to understand this concept and go through with it!

  2. Debbie Fischer says:

    What a sweet, sweet story and yes I did need my hankie!

  3. Yes I also needed a hankie. It is so important to instill giving to others at an early age, and this family did just that. bravo!

  4. Bobbie calgaro says:

    What a wonderful testament to the power of unselfish giving!

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