Searching with Sleio

Giving back doesn’t get any easier than this:

Simply switch your search engine and donate to the charities of your choice.


It’s true.

Sleio is a nifty new search engine that donates 100% of its profits to good causes. Whether you’re passionate about children in need,


Photo by USAID Africa Bureau via Wikimedia Commons



Photo by Ailuropoda via Wikimedia Commons

homeless pets,


Photo by Nathan R. Yergler via Wikimedia Commons

or safe drinking water,


Photo by U.S. Army Tech. Sgt. Mike Buytas via Wikimedia Commons

Sleio will make you feel good about surfing the net because it gives 100% of the profits from your searches (specifically, commissions earned from over 30,000 retail website affiliates) to your choice of 12 charity organizations.

“In other words, the money for each search you make, every link you click and/or product you buy through Sleio helps change the world,” the company says. “Simply use Sleio as your default search engine, choose your charity, and enjoy the Internet. Changing the world has never been easier!”

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