1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Who comes up with all these clever creations? This cowgirl is so cute.

  2. Karlyne says:

    Snort! I’m glad I’d already finished my coffee before I saw this one! Adorable!

  3. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Carol is so creative!! Wow, what fun she must have making all of these creations up with so many junky parts! Acorns?? Awesome idea!

  4. Carol Hill says:

    Hi girls! Thanks for enjoying my junk art! On this one, thought I’d point out that the acorns actually have a tie-in! The main body part of this sculpture is some implement that used to hold razor blades on the top (a box cutter maybe?). That implement, as you can see if you zoom in to the part under the belt buckle, has a big acorn on it with the word “acorn.” The minute I saw that, I knew I needed to add some acorns to finish her off!

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