1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    This vintage picture is adorable. I love the pink chubby cheeks!

    Yesterday my youngest finally made it to Florida after a long day of flight delays, changes, and mama and dad sitting at the Orlando airport waiting for something to eventually work out. After we got home late, she came to me and said, I got a shower and now I am going to bed with some MaryJane reading! “Mom, did you see that awesome trailer she created??” Yes, my girl took, on permanent loan, your book on Glamping and has dreams, I think, of having something like that in her life one day! This one definitely has the MJF in her genes! The other one actually has a farm and raises dairy goats. Their Mama? Well, she sort of majored in the MJF domestic skills, including, a deep passion for turn of the century American history and knitting for victory!

  2. Karlyne says:

    My first thought (well, after how adorable the picture is) is that this child’s parents would be arrested for allowing their child to sit on a roof these days. We seem to have become a singularly humorless society, and so I say to you all at the Farm, who have given us many a chuckle, “Happy Christmas to all – and God bless us, everyone!”

    (and that includes you, Winnie!)

  3. Reminds me of that age ( and I even looked like that child- chubby with a dutch boy haircut.) My parents would stencil with flour or sugar , reindeer hoof prints on the roof to show that santa and his 8 tiny reindeer had really come. A very fond memory and yes I did climb up to the roof to see !

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