Our bantam rooster, Percy, is well-mannered and a pleasure to have around the farm. He was a gift from our farmhand, Julie. He was raised by her children and handled regularly—consequently, he’s an agreeable chap.


  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Percy is quite handsome with those multi-colored feathers. I am happy to hear that he is an agreeable sort of guy too. Nothing worse than a rooster who comes after you every time you enter his space.

  2. Brenda White says:


  3. CJ Armstrong says:

    He is a handsome fellow! Glad he’s agreeable, as many roosters are not!
    Our neighbor’s rooster is downright mean and you can’t go into the pen without protecting yourself!

  4. I do so love bantam eggs for dying at Easter – just so cute, so does Percy have a girlfriend? The local Mennonite farm where I used to buy them switched breeds and now they are raising very large , very beautiful glossy black chickens. I keep meaning to stop by and ask what breed they are. I think they are meat chickens, no eggs for sale signs lately.

  5. What a beautiful bird Percy is!!!
    What a great gift!!! It makes a huge difference when animals are raised in a loving manner!! Have a blessed day!!!
    Susan M. Crowder

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