Let us know what you think of our farm photo!

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    What is incredible about this hummingbird photo is that it looks like it’s wings are still. I have never seen a hummingbird still. Amazing!

  2. Cheryl bell says:

    Beautiful , I love the little bird and the colors

  3. Terry Steinmetz says:

    Keep the pictures coming! Love them.

  4. Jean G Hardner says:

    Hummingbirds do stay in one spot, to “watch”, to “preen”, to “savor” before they take off for another destination–feeder, flower, water fountain, a swing! There are times I’ll be feeling blue, look up, and one immediately appears at my feeder LOOKING DIRECTLY AT ME! I know it is an “Angel” sending me a message of love and confidence, believing it is truly my mom, twin sister, or dad. Instantly, I feel so much better, send up my Thank Yous, and go on with my day smiling and calm.

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