Always in our hearts.

  1. Lisa Von Saunder says:

    Maryjane, did your dear dog pass away? I am so very sorry if that is true. I know that the love from an animal is the purest form of love yet

    • MaryJane says:

      Thank you, Lisa. Yes, very unexpectedly. Walker was my daughter’s family dog but he had moved here a few months ago when they moved to the farm. My daughter rounded up some photos and wrote about his 11-year run here, (it takes about 30 seconds to load).

      • Lisa Von Saunder says:

        Here is my favorite dog poem by Harold Monro:
        LITTLE friend, your nose is ready; you sniff.
        Asking for that expected walk,
        (Your nostrils full of the happy rabbit-whiff)
        And almost talk.

        And so the moment becomes a moving force;
        Coats glide down from their pegs in the humble dark;
        You scamper the stairs,
        Your body informed with the scent and the track and the
        mark Of stoats and weasels, moles and badgers and hares.

        We are going Out. You know the pitch of the word,
        Probing the tone of thought as it comes through fog
        And reaches by devious means (half-smelt, half-heard)
        The four-legged brain of a walk-ecstatic dog.

        Out through the garden your head is already low.
        You are going your walk, you know,
        And your limbs will draw
        Joy from the earth through the touch of your padded paw.

        Now, sending a little look to us behind.
        Who follow slowly the track of your lovely play.
        You fetch our bodies forward away from mind
        Into the light and fun of your useless day.

        I think this says it all about dogs

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I was so sorry to read in the Sister Issue about the sudden passing of Walker. When we lost both of our yellow labs, it felt like a huge empty hole in our days. How we missed their friendly wagging tails and happy to see you faces. I know it is indeed some very sad days at the farm for everyone.

  3. Jeanette Williams says:

    As I sit here sobbing, after reading what Megan had written about Walker, I am so very sorry to here about his passing. I am absolutely dreading, like any fur parent, the day that my precious Golden leaves us. She is my constant companion. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

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