“I had an idea to do a ‘little’ holiday flash mob.”

This just in from my friend Loralee Choate:
I approached Dr. Craig Jessop, (who you might know best as the former director of The Mormon Tabernacle choir), about doing a holiday flash mob with our choir (The American Festival Chorus) at the mall in Logan, Utah.
I still can’t believe he said yes. 10 days, a commissioned arrangement, a film crew, 8 cameras, 150+ singers, Irish dancers, a bell choir, and a WHOLE LOT of Black Friday shoppers later we had THIS:

I would truly and greatly love and appreciate any and all internet/email love you could give this little project to help spread holiday cheer.
Much love and a happy holiday season to you all!

  1. Suzy Simpson says:

    Ditto the tears… I loved the video… the singing was great…. thanks for bringing it to us MJ…. 🙂 Suzy

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