Smile, You’re It!

In the wake of the holidays, I get all fired up to find ways to keep on giving without buying—or spending—a thing. You and I both know that a farmgirl’s greatest gifts rarely come with a price tag anyway. (And who would dare put a dollar value on a hug or, say, a smile?) This brings me to my latest discovery …

Smile Cards. When I wandered upon this little gem of a project, I knew you’d appreciate it too, so let the sharing begin:

The Smile Card sensation started as a unique twist on the game of tag, an idea with super-sized scope and sweetness to match. A few years ago, a group of college friends put their heads and hearts together to devise a game that would ripple kindness worldwide. In the wake of their brainstorm, Smile Cards started showing up around the globe, anonymously tagging recipients in a game of pay-it-forward. To play, the cardholder must simply pass on an act of kindness, no strings attached (except maybe the happy vibes that are sure to follow). Everybody wins.

There’s no catch here—don’t you love that? We’re all invited to visit the non-profit and volunteer-operated Smile Card website and print out any of the content for free. Plus, we’re encouraged to share it far and wide. As the Smile Card folks say, “Kindness is contagious. Keep it going.”

Want to get in the game? Here’s how:

1. Stock up on Smile Cards
Download and print free Smile Cards in various styles and languages.
Request free pre-printed Smile Cards by mail.
Request a free “Smile Deck” featuring 52 kindness ideas in playing card format.
Each of the four suits are themed: For Yourself, For Strangers, For Our World, For People You Know.

2. With Smile Cards in hand, you’re ready to either perform acts of kindness that are printed on the cards, or take action in your own creative ways. Buy a coffee for the next person in line at the drive-through and “tag” them with a Smile Card. Leave an anonymous gift and Smile Card on someone’s doorstep. Slip a card into a book, and leave the book on a park bench for someone else to enjoy. You get the idea.

You can also help support the Smile Card effort in other ways:
Volunteer to ship smile cards
Sponsor Smile Cards

Tag—you’re it!

  1. Just signed up for Smile Cards-plan on using them as I search for a job. Unable to go back to the type of work I did..don’t have many skills but nursing, and a little computer skill-self taught. Wish me luck!

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