Horse Diet

Have you heard about the horse diet? Yanno, the one where you drop pounds per day? It involves soaking all your grains first before eating.

You haven’t heard of it?

Holly has.

Why is my horse so sad? Doesn’t her sad face just break your heart?

Holly, equal parts Morgan/pony, is a great size for me. I’m talking height, not girth. You see, Holly loves to eat but a couple of weeks ago, she went down. We had to LIFT her into the trailer for a trip to the Veterinary School of Medicine at Washington State University.

Here’s what they said.

Your horse needs to go on a diet. The extra weight she packs caused her to go lame, develop an abscess in one of her hooves, etc. We also need to test her for diabetes.


Wake up call.

For now, Holly is locked up and gets three servings of hay per day that has been soaked in water in order to decrease the amount of sugar in it. Turns out, she doesn’t have flat-out diabetes BUT she’s borderline. In other words, we can turn it around.

And we are!!!!

She’s lost quite a bit of weight already but she’s sad she isn’t out with her gal pals EATING in the pasture.


Haven’t you always secretly wished someone would lock you up until you lost that extra weight you’re packing? Please, after I get back from my next trip, dining in restaurants, snacking on airplanes, would someone PLEASE lock me up?

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