ugly does a body good

Have you ever wondered what the world’s ugliest color might be?

Photo by Yanns via Pixabay

Yeah, no … I really hadn’t either.

But, leave it to science to sniff out a seemingly silly subject and say it’s so.

Such is the case with Pantone 448C, otherwise known as Opaque Couché.

This is it, they say—the world’s ugliest color:


Well, approximately, anyway.

Frivolous as this finding may appear, it’s making the news because the Australians have pinned down a way to put it to good use …


  1. calle says:

    Oh my wonder if they tested this with real addicted smokers?
    Some men are color blind and the color won’t bother them.

    Good luck!

  2. Krista says:

    How interesting! I’m really curious to know how well this works and if it has it limitations. I would assume it’s working to an extent if other places are now considering a color change to their tobacco products. Hopefully we can bring something like this to the United States.

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