more guests arriving soon …

More B&B guests are only hours away, so we are down to last-minute prep. There are vases to fill with fresh-picked flowers from the gardens …

… to put in the bath house and tents.

Lil’ Nutmeg is all atither!

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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    It looks so gorgeous as arrival time nears! And Miss Nutmeg has her mane all fluffed up to look her best! I hope it is a beautiful weekend for all of the guests! I am drinking my coffee here in the east coast and wondering….hmmmm what is for breakfast at the Wall Tent Retreat?

    • MaryJane says:

      If there is a moment, I will snap a photo of breakfast. (I’m trying to stick with my plan to do nothing but gardening today.) I think cherry cobbler in canning jars for starters. And of course, sunrise coffee. My daughter will be arriving shortly to get started on it.

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Fabulous start to any day! Cobbler of any kind is my favorite and I have never considered it for breakfast? But then, it is just like hot granola, right? Blueberry picking is almost here, and I think I might try blueberry cobbler to start the day some weekend. By the way, I like to make my own blended flavored coffees, and I make one called “Rise and Shine” that has a hint of orange in it. It is made from Italian roast, regular roast, a measure of French Vanilla and a touch of orange. It sort of reminds me of a “coffee creamsicle”. And with cobbler??? I am thinking I better gather the ingredients and put a batch together!

  3. Sharon says:

    I sure would like to get a reservation!

  4. Thayes Hower says:

    I am an Interim Innkeeper (traveling innkeeper who manages B&Bs while the owners go on vacation). I have never worked in or stayed in a B&B such as yours, but it sounds so lovely and unique. My best friend lives in Boise and I hope sometime when I travel to visit her (I live in CA) we can arrange to travel to your B&B to be your guests. Cherry cobbler in canning jars! What a wonderful way to start one’s day!

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