Breakfast Is Served!

Here’s what our B&B guests ate yesterday morning.

Polenta in antique gelatin molds (with a secret ingredient only our B&B guests know about). Then,

fresh-picked asparagus ….

grilled in butter …

side of potatoes fried in coconut oil, loaded with fresh chives …

cherry cobbler in a canning jar …

Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm …

now, honey-fried ham tops the polenta …

adorable Erin gets ready to serve …

all of it topped with homemade apple chutney!

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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Wow Mary Jane!! A breakfast for Kings and Queens! It all looks so delicious and healthy. Now I am really obsessed with making it there next summer!!! Through new friends, I am learning how beautiful Idaho is and how much I need to plan on seeing it for myself. MJF, your books, and my friends have introduced me to what looks like one of America’s best held secrets. Thanks for inviting me along for a “virtual breakfast” at the B&B!! I am keeping that best apron on standby with a certain denim skirt because when I do get to Idaho, I have several stops to make!! This Florida Farmgirl will be westward-ho!!!

  2. Nicci Cagan says:

    This looks YUMMY!

  3. Patty Schultz says:

    It all looks so delicious and healthy. I would love the cherry cobbler in a canning jar recipe. It is my dream to come to your B&B someday.

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