cheeky chickie

The chicks are here! Farmgirl extraordinaire, Kim, and my husband, Nick, have them all tucked into the back of our henhouse.

During all the excitement, Sandi, my marketing guru, let slip that she had never held a chick before! Well we had to remedy that, and of course, capture the moment.

She was pretty excited …

and also a bit curious.

This little palm-sized bundle of yellow feathers was ever-so-patient, and in the end …

got smooched. Is this where the origin of “give me a little peck” came from?

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  1. Sandi says:

    That little chickie made my day! The cutest thing EVER.

  2. maggie says:

    How wonderful……………………………..I once took a city Girl home with me in college, she was adopted from Romania. While we were driveing I noted a fence rail was down & a few Holstiens has escaped the fence . When I steppped out of the car to put them back in she screamed they will Kill you hahaha…of course I reassured her they were docile creatures & shooed them right back in. After that I knew what we had to do for the rest of the weekend so I took her to Grandaddy’s to see the Farm & all the animals putting all her fears to rest.

  3. drMolly says:

    And I love my “big girls”, too – MMMMMMMMMMM fresh eggs every day!!

  4. Kimberly says:

    Two cute chicks!

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