So maybe I am a little late on the trend … but these emoticon things are crackin’ me up like yesterday’s egg scramble. A quick way to show computerized emotion, these little push-button faces are the Internet equivalent of gestures, facial expressions, and body language. Surprisingly, these aren’t something new; emoticons (referred to below as typographical art) go back as far as 1881!

Emoticons printed in 1881 in the U.S. magazine Puck. Puck no. 212, p. 65. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Here are the more modern versions of “typographical art.”

Smiley face : )

Smiley face = )

Upturned smile :] …

Smiley face with nose :0)

Smile with sunglasses B )

Double-eyed wink >.<

Big smile! : D

Smile ‘n’ wink ; )

Sticking tongue out : p

Unhappy smile >:(

Smile with nose 🙂

Happy smile ^_^

Crazy eyes O_o

Surprised :-O

Sad face :'(

Bummed : /

Those featured below show the breadth of keyboard possibility. Simply hilarious!

Cheerleader *\O/*

Cat >’o'<

Cowboy <):-)

Cyclops o-)

Angel 0:)

DJ d[-_-]b

Fish <*))))><

Kirby <(‘.'<)

People smooching ( ‘}~{‘ )

What emoticons do you use during your day-to-day key-punching? Let’s see them! ^_^

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Too cute MaryJane! I often use this Happy Face 🙂 when I am happy to hear the news; soft~heartedly joking; or just plain happy! Love the key stroked angel 0:) you shared. Will share this with a computer-pal (kind of like a Pen~pal) who loves to use the animated angel with flapping wings:-) Thanks a lot; believe I will copy & paste your list to Word. Hope you are enjoying a great weekend!

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