Hair of the Dog

My big, bad, keeps-wolves-away, soft-hearted Tulip. I now have four skeins of spun yarn from her fur and Saphira’s, a Siberian Husky. I’m thinking perhaps a vest or a hat? No, silly, not for Tulip, but for me.

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  1. Terry Steinmetz says:

    What a beautiful dog!

  2. Judy Moore says:

    I have a little of the fur from my precious Sassy, a rescue Sheltie who adopted me for the last 2 years of her life. A spinner friend spun it and I have one ball of her soft fur. It will be enough to make a scarf to forever wrap me in her love.

  3. Shery says:

    When I lived in CO years back, a neighbor owned/bred Shelties and she was also an avid spinner and knitter. She had a sweater made of sheltie hair. It was beautiful and sooo soft.

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