Holy Cow! Check out this short video from a humongous dairy near Chicago. Pssst. I wonder if the cows are given growth hormones and daily antibiotics? But what I’d really like to know is how many steps a day a cow there gets to take? Say it with me … Holy Cow!!!!! Another pssst. The birthing room is pretty cool.


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  1. Nicci Cagan says: looks like there grass feed and cared for …. looks like Agrotourism in a big way.

  2. Heather says:

    I liked the carousel of cows….they all seemed pretty content to go for their daily ride and get milked too. It looks as if the cows are well taken care of. Much better than some of the farms here in So. Calif. I would love to take a trip to see this first hand. Thanks for sharing.

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