What IS this thing?

When we’re looking for photo props, we go rummaging around the farm and through what we call “the prop room.” Mom has collected some fabulous vintage items over the years. We do, however, come across some strange things. This particular item raised some eyebrows and garnered some confused stares this week.

We took turns making guesses. (Of course, Mom knows what it is.) Now, it’s your turn! One end is thick glass.




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  1. Alice - Farmgirl #12 says:

    Vegetable peeler??

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I’m not sure? It looks like a handle for…something? Can’t quite make out the writing on the metal part? Looks like it’s in good condition? Can you give us a guesstimate on the age of the item too, once you reveal its purpose? Thanks

  3. CJ Armstrong says:

    Looks an awful lot like the handles that were made for Corning Ware baking dishes, so you use them on the stove top as well.

  4. Jenny Williams says:

    I’m guessing Cheese Slicer.

  5. Jenny Williams says:

    The cheese slicer is wrong. Is using the internet cheating? I found it, but I don’t want to spoil it. It’s fun seeing what everyone comes up with. So keep guessing everyone.

  6. Karen says:

    I believe that is a removable skillet handle.

  7. Shery says:

    I found that old glass handle in an antique shop and I tried it on every vintage dish I have (and I’ve got a’plenty) … but no fit. It was like going through ye oldtyme fairytale village and trying to find the right foot for Cinderella’s glass slipper :o) I’d LOVE to know what that pretty old handle FITS!!!

  8. Winnie Nielsen says:

    This is mysterious. Would it have something to do with heating or cooling something where the glass part is inserted?

  9. Mary Kay Billington says:

    Is it for taking pie plates out of the oven?

  10. Eileen Stone says:

    It looks like it may have been usable to magnify light in some way.

    • Tracy lamon says:

      It’s some kind of tool. The thingy on the side has a release that works the two prongs. The glass would transfer heat? I still can’t figure the whole thing out yet? Some kind of farm tool….fancy cattle prod?

  11. heather burke says:

    Pyrex baking/ cook pot handle. I have one and still use it!

  12. Jody Groves says:

    Oh Heather, You got it!! I have one too! It’s the oddest looking thing, especially when you come across one in an antique store without a pot to go with it — makes people say “what in the world is this!”.. lol.

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  14. Tami jo says:

    Before I saw the answer I would have said a magnifying tool ! Thanks, it was fun trying to figure it out. Hey, maybe we should alternate asking what something is but about things we have that we really don’t know what it is ! I must admit I have several ” Things” that I picked up here and there just because I liked it, and still don’t know it’s use! Thanks, Tami jo

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