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  1. Deborah Granay says:

    Today when I was hauling manure (in my beloved l995 Ram 2500 pickup), a beautifully restored red, step side, vintage Chevy pickup passed me on the road. My heart skipped a beat. Many women want diamonds and furs. I would love a fully restored vintage pickup to drive for dress up occasions. My own pickup will be ready for an historic license plate (must be 25 years old) in a few short years. I bought it new and can’t even think of the sorrow I would have if I had to part with her. But, that red Chevy was flirting with me!

  2. Louise Marie says:

    Oh how i love the old metal sculptures known as an old pickup truck. i, too, would give my last eye tooth for that red baby. The photo alone sends goosebumps up and down my spine.

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