moose on the loose

Capturing our photos-of-the-day is always an adventure. Three of us, Ace, Karina, and myself, somehow manage to find a few minutes each day for a quick snap here and there around the farm. Ace’s recent dandelion photo was a real dandy taken entirely on the fly.


I don’t think I told you, but I sure told everyone else and now I’ll tell you that I think this photo is an award winner if there ever was one. Bravo! I love getting Raising Jane blog new posts alerts in my inbox and, that this photo is in the gratitude section of the blog, seems a fitting place for me to say thank you for blogging! …Carry on.

As I was flying by Ace, stopped on one of our many pathways, I saw her (in between campfire food photos for our next magazine) tossing dandelion fluff into the air and then aiming her camera into the direction of what was raining down. I wondered what she was up to. Later that evening, when I sat down to conjure up a post for the next day, I put two and two together when I saw her photo waiting for me in our Raising Jane media library.

Karina’s photo of today’s teacups turned into yet another photo-of-the-day … along with giving her a fright. She had wandered up to our pond to stage a photo with some of our more delicate, vintage teacups on the pond dock (the glistening water makes a great backdrop sometimes) when something huge and hairy (and breathing hard) thundered into the pond right next to her, making a HUGE cannonball splash.

An adorable Bullwinkle it wasn’t.

Remaining somewhat composed, even though her heart was about to stop, she carefully gathered up the teacups (somehow managing not to break them) and ran into one of our nearby B & B wall tents. After catching her breath and quieting her shaking hands (and staying back a safe distance), she snuck back out for a few photos of a totally drenched moose at play.

If Moose could talk, I’m sure this one would have said as he galloped by, “Hey, Karina, watch this!”



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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Wow, what a moment to experience! We don’t have Moose here in Florida so I am guessing from your post that they might charge a person? I love all of the lovely photos that you post from around your farm. They are always so beautifully done and capture some of the “flavor” of your piece of the world. Where I live in Florida, if you are near water, you need to watch out for alligators!! The big ones can easily drag a person into the water. I agree with Ace, such encounters are best viewed from the safety of a wall tent!!!

  2. Now I appreciate, not just the photos and the Raising Jane blog, but the dedication, diligence and discipline it takes to capture the great photos I’ve come to love. It is a lesson to me. I asked a garden photographer for some tips recently on how she captures her amazing close-up photos of flowers and she graciously spelled out her routine for me. The main lesson I learned from her, and now you echo her with this post of insight into your collective MJF routine, is to take pictures everyday! The lesson I learn from you is to blog everyday. I’m working on both. I don’t know what I’ll do if a moose comes along though! Oh wait! Yes, I do. Photograph it and blog about it. Thanks so much.

  3. Deborah Granay says:

    While living in rural northern Wisconsin, I was told that black bears liked to frequent the trout stream that ran in front of the home that I was renting. There was a mill pond fed by that stream just a few hundred yards away.

    I kept an eye out for the bears but nobody ever told me to be on the lookout for a cannonball from a moose at the pond! I’m quite sure that I would never have “saved” the tea cups like Karina. I would have left the dock pronto!

  4. Terry Steinmetz says:

    Moose are such awkward creatures, but so fun to watch. I was blessed to watch them being released into the wild here in the UP of Michigan in 1981 & again around 1985 or ’86.They walk so clumsily & aren’t happy when they are intruded upon. We still had the chance to see them & I even got some pictures. Thanks for these shots of the moose, as it invoked memories of me & my kids watching something extraordinary here!

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