a bit of holiday shopping …

Baby, it’s cold outside! With temperatures at zero and the windchill factor scheduled to be in the negative twenties, we’re all noticing where the cold is creeping in. Hubby is home installing that storm door we’ve been meaning to get to all fall and my dad is out hanging plywood to the milking parlor and hay barn. Our animal shelters were built with their openings facing east because our winds always come from the west, but the winds are coming cold and fast from the east like they never do … go figure.

And me, well, I’m also finding ways to avoid the chill. Christmas shopping. For cold weather attire none-the-less, and perfect for any farmgirl …


Handmade, cozy leg warmers. Love them! And it’s a beautiful story. Owner of Grace and Lace, Melissa, was moved by the loss of her infant daughter to get busy with her hands, thus evolved a line of hand-knit items for sale. I mean, how cute are these?


And this tiny pair? I can think of a few farmgirls I know that need a pair of these. Precious! Thanks to Melissa for sharing her story and her fabulous knitting skills.



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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I recently attended a huge Holiday Market in Perry, Ga. and these leg warmers were all the rage. There were several vendors who had created all sorts of adorable leggings for all ages. Way back in the 1950s, when I was a child, we used to have thick wool leggings that went under winter coats since girls did not wear pants in those days. I sure wish they had been as cute as these are today!

    • tracy says:

      I SO remember our leggings. We sort of looked like the Michelin man when geared up for snow, galoshes (NOT the boots of today!)

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I love these too! One of the first MaryJane Farmgirls catalogs I recieved had an advertisement for similar leg warmers & I followed the links picturing some fantastic designs. I have always been a leg warmer kind of gal (since I was a teenager~quite some time ago) so I started making my own, once the Splashdance ~again, a long time ago~ fever wore off:-) But the ones I was making were fairly plain compared to these pretty leg warmers.

    I often wondered why they stopped making leg warmers b/c to me they were still a necessary item as much so as say, gloves in the Winter. I remember searching every store in town with my mom & then later as an adult I widened the search but could not find one pair of leg warmers. Even now some of mine are still no thrill double thick fleece LW which I made & always wear when I’m shoveling snow; on walks or hikes in the cold & quite often just around the house:-)

    Melissa’s are so very cute & I believe she has started a Pinterest leg warmers craze & may have even broken a record for visited Pins? I hope she makes tons of money! It was a design long past due. These designs are great for my dress boots:-) Thanks for sharing Megan & to Melissa for making leg warmers a Hot item once again!

  3. Phyllis. Colborne says:

    I have two pair of them also ,love them

  4. Carol says:

    Went on her site.. and she has some really cute cloths on there.. wonder what US elderly could get away with wearing 🙂 thanks for sharing this. Love the site

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