Charlie Chasin’ Chickens

Our latest addition, Charlie, loves to chase our chickens. (I think they secretly like it.) I might add, I’ve never had such a playful calf. He’s constantly on the go.

First he stalks them, moving only inches at a time—the two girls are just walking along, visiting about the latest American Idol winner—when …


Pounce! (Auntie Etta Jane stands by, shaking her head, “Kids.”)


“It’s him again!”


“Run for your life.”


Meanwhile, auntie watches patiently.

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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Hahahaha! How cute is that! I am thinking the girls are less than impressed with the big rascal and hoping Charlie grows up soon to not be so interested in having a barnyard game of tag!

  2. Ohhhhhh too cute. Charlie is indeed a very special calf. I don’t think people who haven’t worked with so called ” herd animals” realize how much individuality they possess. Cows are much more playful ( even adults) than we give them credit for. And don’t even get me going on the wonderfulness of pigs!

    thanks MJ for sharing these darling photos and all the antics of Charlie and friends. “Keep on Truckin’ ” Charlie !

    • MaryJane says:

      So true! They are each so very different in personality. One day Charlie talked everyone into a game of follow the leader. My biggest girls followed him up and over the manure pile. Each one was required to kick up their heels when running down the back side. What a sight with their big ole udders full of milk!!!

      We’re featuring a woman pig farmer in the next couple of issues. The pics of pigs she sent gave us all a bout of love-at-first-sight.

  3. Cathy R says:

    LOL! That is the tooooooo cute! Story book quality! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Eileen Stone says:

    This is beautiful!

  5. CJ Armstrong says:

    A merry time is had by all, I’ll bet! It’s SOOOOO fun to watch our animals at play!
    We enjoy watching our Longhorns in their various activities. The adults like to “tease” other with those impressive horns and the calves like to spar or chase each other around!
    What fun!

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