Rose Etta aka Runner Runner

I run EVERYWHERE. I run, and then I run some more. The humans who know me understand the importance of frolic and fresh air, bucolic and loving care.


When a truck comes, I run.


When a plane flies overhead, I chase it. Wherever the wind blows, I go too.


I run so fast my tail sticks straight out behind me.


My feet are as coordinated as those of a race horse.


But I can stop on a dime any ole time.


‘Cause every now and then I have to go find my mommy and catch my breath (and suckle a little something).


And then I run some more. Sure-footed me. It’s hard to imagine being held captive like most calves are on larger dairy farms. And having to grow up without the peaceable comfort of my mother to touch and love me.

…. all of it so food can be cheap at the cash register. Economy of scale it’s called.

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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Etta Rose, you little darlin’, run and play your heart out! The last photo is horribly haunting and sad. It is just plain shameful how we run the meat industry here in the US. I am counting on the new breed of young and alternative seeking farmers of America to keep changing the conversation about food and how we produce it. Maybe StellaJane and Mia’s generation will see big strides in sustainable and animal husbandry at all levels of farming. They have big shoes to fill but I am counting on them to move the needle on this huge and entrenched industry!

  2. That last picture of the calf ” igloos” brought tears to my eyes! and remember if they don’t move around then they are worth more as ” veal” . Just too sad ! This is factory farming at its low point.

  3. Debbie Fischer says:

    This bought tears to my eyes, it is horrible the conditions that a lot of animals live in, so very sad. Glad Rose Etta has a lovely home to run free and be as a calf should be, having a great time and being with her mama.

  4. Karlyne says:

    Every time that I pass a Big Ag dairy farm (and they’re usually hidden), and see the cows standing on the huge piles of poop, I just want to cry big disgusted tears. Thank the good Lord for people with consciences, like you and your family, MJ!

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