Watch Tower

Something like a century ago (okay, 40 years, but back then THIS stage of my life seemed like a century removed), I spent two summers on a fire watch tower scanning the horizon for forest fires. I still have my binoculars, so during our farmgirl slumber party last weekend, I taught my grandgirls how to use them. They were enthralled and spent hours “glassing” the world beyond what the naked eye can see.

Photo Apr 26, 7 25 06 PM

Is it any wonder I perched my office on the tippy top 4th floor of our facility so I could continue to see forever? (It’s a serious addiction once you’ve indulged.) See my cows in the distance? You know, some people watch hummingbirds; I observe cow behavior. I spy!!!! I do. Fires? None yet:)

My tower was 100 feet tall so I made fast friends with the fact that HAVING to go up and down stairs many times a day keeps heart surgeons at bay. You could say that each and every time I snoop, I’ve earned it. I climb up and down our stairs about 30 times a day.

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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Nothing like some interesting cardio every day to keep your heart healthy! I have to get mine at the gym and spying on cows sounds much better.

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