Happy New Year Me!

Is it just me or do you get excited when you finally buy that new purse you’ve been wanting? You know the feeling, right? You can’t wait to get home and organize all of your belongings in all the fun new pockets and throw out the smashed granola bars and the business cards of people you’ve since forgotten and post-its that are total gibberish. Whose phone number is this anyway?

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I’ve never owned one of those super-big calendars that have room for ALL of life’s details. In fact, I have a little one for work, one for personal, one for jogging, and a pile of random post-its of things worth remembering. Maybe most people use the uploadable sort these days, or their smart phone.

But I must say, I finally upgraded to a calendar that holds it all, and it feels just like a new purse. Or a whole new year! Look at all this clean space and open air for getting my life organized and just so. I mentioned it to a friend and she replied, “Wait until you have a new ‘dedicated calendar’ pencil!” Maybe someday I’ll get with it and keep a digital calendar. But for right now, mid-August, I’m enjoying this simple upgrade. (My oversized calendar pages are blank, so I still have 12 months to go.)


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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I love those business year calendars where you can look at the week/month at a glance. It really makes it easier to keep all the important appointments and events together. Plus there are tabs in the back for contact information and they are portable. My last job required everyone to use a business calendar and take the Stephen Covey class on how to use one. Honestly, it revolutionized my organization skills and for once, everything for work and personal life was in one place. The calendar allowed me to put deadlines for projects, reminders, and daily to do tasks so that every morning, I just opened up my day and looked at what needed to be done. Covey also teaches you to list your daily tasks by priority by placing a tagging system beside each item like A1, A2, B1, B2 to remind you what has to get done plus I could add my personal life tasks on the list like get birthday cards, mail something, make casserole for pot-luck etc.

    Now that I am retired, I am using my desk calendar on my Mac and the daily reminder with a bell to ring at the right time of day. That way, I get a reminder at my desk or on my phone to do something.

    I know you will enjoy your new calendar system because it will make your life so much easier and organized. Especially when life amps up a few notches with kids, work and holidays!

    • MaryJane says:

      I have the same calendar and have always kept a hand-written calendar. I switched to a big one a while ago because now I have all my cow birthings, heat cycles, due dates, vaccination/hoof trim dates on mine also, in addition to everyone’s b-days, business/travel meetings, mag and book deadlines, garden plantings, etc. I tried to have a separate cow calendar and also a b-day one but it didn’t work. My personal, business, and COW life are all one and the same. I’m going to look up Stephen Covey. Never heard of him. Cool. Tagging system next!

  2. wow, lets hope my life doesn’t get that crazy- busy – I have a garden calendar where I jot down all that it is happening in the gardens , and the rest of life calendar and the little one in my purse that almost never get used. I used to have those big desk types and then all the junk on my desk covered it all up and well that didn’t work. I live a very simple and uncomplicated life really now, gone are the days when I had my “day planner” and so forth. And I am truly thankful for that simplicity now.

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