The Sketchbook Project

If you’re an aspiring artist of any sort, your creative muse is calling, and you feel like sharing, then check out the Sketchbook Project. Or, if you’d like to be an aspiring artist, writer, etc. and need a creative muse, check out the Sketchbook Project.


Every year since 2006, founders Steven Peterman and Shane Zucker have put out a submission call, encouraging anyone feeling creative to make their mark by filling a 32-page blank sketchbook with their unique artistic perspectives. When returned to project headquarters by the deadline, these sketchbooks (recently totaling more than 7,000) travel in a custom trailer to various locations in North America for interactive exhibits.


When the books aren’t on the road, they reside at the Brooklyn Art Library, the permanent home to the complete collection. Since its inception, over 70,000 participants from 135 countries have contributed to the Sketchbook Project and each of those books has a space on the shelf.


Visitors to the library can spend an afternoon browsing the creative works of other contributors, or purchase a sketchbook on site and get busy making their own contribution.

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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Gosh, what fun! I would love to see them sometime. Maybe some will be on a road trip down here to Florida over the winter close by.

  2. What a neat idea, and given an empty sketchbook, you feel compelled to fill it up, don’t you? Im not artistic in the sense of sketching but have filled many, many blank books with my written impressions while travelling . I also keep a garden journal. Would love to see those books -have 2 artist friends who live in Brooklyn who would truly enjoy that library . I will send along this post.

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