1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Possibly heading my way south? Next month the Sand Hill Cranes will belying down here to winter by the hundreds. They like to spend their winter months on Paynes Prairie on the south end of town.

    • MaryJane says:

      Great Blue Heron that has taken up residence in our pond. I had the privilege of being near a pair of mating Sand Hill Cranes once. They sounded so prehistoric! Gorgeous birds.

      • Winnie Nielsen says:

        The coolest thing is hearing them fly overhead at night when the windows are open. They call to one another and navigate by the stars, I guess. It seems to happen the week of Thanksgiving and I always look forward to waking up and suddenly hearing them pass over my house in the final descent to the prairie about 5 miles south.

  2. Get the giant blue herons sometimes in my trees, they are headed to a nearby wildlife sanctuary with a large lake that caters to the migrating birds especially. Love them, they are huge ! They have eaten all my friend’s koi in her fish pond however.

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