If you’re a cat person, then you know that friendly felines are prone to kneading with their paws.


Purrrrr …

And you may also recognize this pastry-esque posture, which has recently been coined “catloaf” (one word) by Internet cat chatters due to its uncanny resemblance to baked bread:

Photo by Zeemeeuw via Wikimedia Commons

Awwwww (human version of the purr) …

Delightfully, there’s a creative baker in Yorkshire, England, known as Lou Lou P, who decided to put her own knack for kneading to work (on dough, of course, not blankets or bellies) in purrsuit of a purrfect catloaf, as edible as it is adorable.

“I’m cat mad. I have five moggies of my own, all rescue kitties,” Lou Lou P told ABC News. “I love the ‘catloaf’ expression, so one evening I just had to see if I could bake it for real. Thus, catloaf was born, simple as that.”

The result is so darned darling that one would hardly know whether to snuggle it or butter it.

Photo courtesy of Lou Lou P’s Delights on Facebook

Not that Lou Lou is new to the craft of baking up cuteness. The virtual shelves of her Lou Lou P’s Delights Facebook page are filled with too-sweet-to-swallow treats,

from gussied-up Guinea Pig Rolls:

Photo courtesy of Lou Lou P’s Delights on Facebook

to delightful Hippo Dumplings wallowing in a glorious stew:

Photo courtesy of Lou Lou P’s Delights on Facebook

Now, in case you’re desperate to make catloaves of your own (and I know you are), you’ll be pleased as pie to know that Lou Lou has lovingly shared instructions in a step-by-step guide via Good Morning America.

I do hope you’ll share pictures of your lovely loaf litters on the Farmgirl Connection (free to a good home?) … wishful thinking!



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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    These loaf critters are just too darn cute! The cat loaf looks absolutely real. It would be hard, maybe…, not to eat them up!

  2. Too cute for words. We had a local diner that make wonderful pastries and my personal favorites were the little mice cakes ( think petit fours only a bit larger) alas they were not a hit with customers. My cat Duke is the pass-master of kneading , only he doesn’t understand the concept of retractable claws. akkk.
    Yep, my next kitchen project will be a catloaf for sure.

  3. Connie-Killarney says:

    Oh! I have to make a Cat loaf! I have grown up with Cats since I was a Toddler! England definitely reveres their felines!!

  4. Bonnie ellis says:

    How absolutely purr Felt!

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