cork stamps

I don’t care that it’s everywhere.

Yes, yes, it is tactlessly thumbtacked with to-do lists and flyers.

Photo by Benjamin Stone via Flickr

It is perfunctorily plugging bottles from here to farfoodle.

Photo by Ccyyrree via Wikimedia Commons

Again, I don’t care.

Cork is cool, my friend—cool with a capital C.

I mean, really, just the whole cork tree harvest situation is pretty awesome in terms of sustainability. (When the World Wildlife Fund says, “The harvesting of cork oak offers one of the finest examples of traditional, sustainable land use,” you know it’s a good thing.)

But, when you stop to look at a simple bottle cork, to examine its little woody intricacies and feel its once-living, spongy-soft texture, you come to appreciate this marvelous (yet often cast away) material.

Photo by cPinoB via Pixabay

We have a thriving community of mail-art enthusiasts on my chatroom (you must get in on the movement!). Mulling over myriad ideas, I started thinking about ink stamps because stamps are an easy way to add creative touches to any loving letter, dontcha think?

A quick online search of DIY stamps led me to corks (you knew I’d eventually come full circle here), and I stumbled upon the sweetest little stamp tutorial, complete with corks.

Sound fun?

Come on, I’ll show ya the way …

DIY: Cork Stamps by

Just promise you’ll send some cork-stamped mail our way, k?


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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Now, this is clever. Such a cute idea and useful too. Most art I have sen with corks has been the ones where they are glued together to make art, trivets, or other useful household projects like message boards.

  2. I love corks, in fact as a child I made champagne corks into dolls, which tells you about my family celebrations, always lots of bubbly . I will forward this post to my friend annie who is a bartender at night and a very talented artist by day. She is always using the corks from the restaurant for her projects.

  3. Denise says:

    What a neat little idea! A great way to use those corks and save a little money on those store bought stamps.

  4. What a great idea! I am just beginning to use stamps. Thanks for sharing the economical cork!

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