GIVEAWAY: “Shuttercraft, Fresh Egg Overture”

For a chance to win these robin cutout painted wood shutters from Shuttercraft Quality Wood Shutters, tell me about your favorite bird in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-July.


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  1. Kyra Pacer says:

    When I see bluebirds it reminds me of the beauty of the colors of nature.

  2. Kathy says:

    I love all birds, but my favorite bird is the little Goldfinch, which shows up in my yard every year on Mother’s Day. The significance of that is 17 years ago, on what was to be my first Mother’s Day, my infant son had gone to heaven 6 months prior. Several Goldfinchs fluttered around my yard that day, as if sent from above to bring me joy. I am currently shopping for new shutters, and these would be just perfect!

  3. Here in Medford, Oregon we have starlings that are deathly afraid of snakes. During the late spring when the baby birds are being trained to fly by their parents, I have found the more neurotic of the birds following me and scolding me for no apparent reason. I have found that when I wear my long hair twisted up on top my head with a black toothed clip, the scoldings get most fierce. after several conversations with other women in the neighborhood we remembered that they had been trained by an older bird that had bad experiences with the snakes that used to be prolific along the creeks and water ways. The twisted hair on top of our heads had produced the same reaction in almost all cases. When the young men in Medford heard the story they proceeded to grow their hair out for the next spring. WITH THE SAME RESULTS ! ! !

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