Ocean in a Bottle

For all of you landlocked ladies who feverishly need an ocean fix …

Photo by Skeeze via Pixabay

I have one word … well, it’s an acronym, really:


That’s right—a do-it-yourself ocean.

This cool concept puts a lusciously liquid spin on the dusty ol’ bottled-ship idea.

We’re talking real water here,

BLUE water.

Whether you call it your captive Caribbean, personal Pacific, or mini Mediterranean, you’ll love this simple craft from Rose Matthews of Dream Gem.

“This miniature bottle charm creates an ocean in a bottle just by using oil and water. When you turn the bottle side to side, the oil and water create the effect of a wave,” Rose explains.

Here’s her video tutorial:

I love it that you can actually wear a bottled-ocean charm, carrying a smidgen of sea with you wherever you go. Bigger bottles, by the way, look beautiful illuminated against a sunny window.

Rose offers another watery craft on her Dream Gem You Tube channel that you might want to add to your coastal collection. Take a look at this marvelously mesmerizing jellyfish in a jar:

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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    This is really cool for instant ocean feel! How lucky I am today to be in a condo right on Daytona Beach, Fl. With endless miles in front of me of deep blue waters and white capped waves crashing on shore. As pretty as it is……… it is scorching hot out there in the intense sun anytime except early morn and evening. However, sitting on the balcony in the shade and having a sea breeze, it is perfect for waiting out the hottest part of the day. I am so lucky to have been invited to come here with friends for a few days!

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