Sowing and Reaping

Sometimes our grandgirls have not just one grandma at the farm, but two. Son-in-law Lucas, who works here, invited his parents, brother, and sister-in-law to join us for the weekend.

Of course, Gigi (grandmamma name for Patty), showed up in proper attire.

Farmhand Kim saddled up our horses and took the whole clan to the ridge for a spin.

Another gorgeous Megan in the family (brother-in-law Matthew married a Megan and YES, she now has the same last name and middle initial as my daughter who has a babysitter named Megan and just to keep me on my toes, Stella’s pretend friend is also named Megan. And now her little sister’s pretend friend showed up about a month ago and HER name is Megan also! So, just in case my memory starts to go at my age, no problem, I can just call everyone Megan.


Son-in-law Lukie Pookie (he’s gonna kill me when he sees this—but that’s my endearing name for him) and Papa Tom.

Brother Matthew.

It’s best to eat corn-on-the-cob with your riding helmet on, especially if there are corn-loving brown bears about to join you for dinner.

Little Mia getting de-briefed before her ride. “But I want to ride a unicorn!!!!”

No problem.

When sissy gets bored, she grabs a handful of grasses, bends down and starts to sweep the gravel. Big sister seizes the opportunity to gussy things up her way with a flower here and “there.”

The day ends in a horseshoe play-off with plenty of quick jaunts into the adjoining strawberry patch. Please note pregnant milk cow, Chocolate, catching a nibble on the hillside behind.

And me?

I retired to my sewing room.

”Sowing and reaping the ties that bond us; countless seeds we all are sowing in the soil of other hearts; every bud of fruitage starts; let us toil with thought and care; smile, a song, a prayer.” 1889 by J. H. Kurzenknabe & Sons. Harrisburg, PA


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