A quick glance at my local forecast, and I’m assured that we’ll have no shortage of snow this winter or this week for that matter. Winter has arrived here in Idaho!

It’s inevitable—with all of the “outdoorsy” activities around the farm closing down for the season, we have a tendency to fold inward around here, hunker down, and gather around fires with cups of warmth in hand. There’s certainly no shame in getting cozy (I’m still in my jammies as I write this), but I also love to look for excuses to get out there into the wild, white world beyond my window.

One of the best excuses I can think of involves collecting a big ol’ pot of the white stuff. Yep, harvesting snow! It is an abundant crop these days.

But, why?

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Come away and relax yourself …

MaryJanesFarm Bed & Breakfast was featured today on as one of eight vacations for ultimate relaxation! Check it out here: Eight Vacations for Ultimate Relaxation

Is that a Great Pyrenees in a snow storm?

When an artist is staring at a blank piece of paper, her mentor might walk up to her and say, What is that, a polar bear in a snow storm?’ Well in this case, pretty much!

My Great Pyrenees guard dog, Periwinkle, finally fitting in.


Mr. Snowman, bring me a drink

At 6 a.m. this morning, I showed up for my weekly phone call/meeting with my magazine publisher. In Connecticut they’ve been without electricity since last weekend’s freak snowstorm that dropped 18 inches on their fully leafed trees. (His summer home in New Hampshire got 35 inches!!!) Once dawn arrived here, I was surprised to see our fully leafed trees covered in snow also. Winter doth comest early this year. Are you ready?

How joyful it is to wake up to the first snow day!

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