I Found One! Day 4

And this concludes my on-the-prowl-for-snowy-owls excursion


it’s-a-wonderful-day-in-the-neighborhood photo extravaganza.

Did you notice how many different microclimates there are within …

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I Found One! Day 3

I lied. I forgot I found a snowy owl years before at our annual Halloween party.

How about an owl in the middle of the day in the middle of …

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I Found One! Day 2

As promised, here is the continuation of my snowy owl trip, all within 15 minutes of my farm.

Another wonderful day in the neighborhood.

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I found one!

With headlines like “Rare Sightings!” and “Snowy Owls Seen As Far South As Oklahoma,” I decided I wanted to find one. Popularized by Hedwig in the Harry Potter movies, snowy owls aren’t complete strangers to my region, but this year’s migration has been highly publicized. Taking a tip from a friend, I loaded my camera into my jeep and headed out. Only 15 minutes from my farm …

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virtual vacation

“It was on a summer’s evening
The air was still and calm
I drove out to the highway
Where a traveler’s soul belongs …”

So begins singer Patty Larkin’s ode to “The Road,” and it makes me wonder: are you overcome with …

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Guatemala Bound

Have you been to Guatemala? My husband, Lucas, and I will be traveling there soon for work, so I looked up a few facts that probably won’t aide me in my travels, but you never know.

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