Hey fantastic farmgals! MBA Jane here. I’m hearing lots of talk about garlic today.

I like garlic. It’s not good to eat when you’re on a date (learned that one the hard way), but it’s pretty delish.

Anyway, speaking of garlic … I remembered a story about my Auntie Anna and Uncle Umberto.

Uncle Umberto was a big, handsome guy. Good intentions … but between you and me, sometimes he was a little late to the party, if you know what I mean …

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Spring is definitely in the air at my farm, and love is bloomin’ just as big and bright as all the flowers in my garden.

Even that precocious little MBA Jane has found herself a man (I can’t let that girl out of my sight for even one morning!).

(Wondering who she is? She’s Merit Badge Awardee Jane, MBA Jane for short. In her former life … )

Mr. Wonderful, she calls him.

Well, he does look awfully cute. And he says the sweetest things (more about that in a minute).

But still.

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You de WHAT?

I’m … what?

You de monia, MJ.

I’m de, er, the? I’m the … monia?

You de monia.

Okay, I don’t have pneumonia if that’s what you mean. In fact, I’m feeling pert, perky, in the pink, positively …

Not pneumonia, silly! Sound it out: Yoo-di-moh-nee-uh.

AH-HA! You said “eudemonia”!

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