verbosity, ramosity

The leaves are green, the nuts are brown.

They hang so high they won’t come down.

Leave them alone till frosty weather,

then they will all come down together.


I recalled this old autumnal rhyme

Just in the nick of frosting time!

Okay, enough with the verse.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Thunk.

But, really …

Can you believe we’re already cuddling up to November?

As I peer out the window through the soft shadows of an early morning,

I can see …

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Do you ever have one of those mornings when dawn shatters at the sound of the alarm clock?

You literally fly out of bed, realizing that you only have a shred of time before an early phone appointment.

Leaving the blankets bunched at the foot of the bed, you lunge for the loo and end up tripping on a table leg.


Who put that nightstand there anyway?!

(We all know the answer to that one.)

So, there you are, holding your pummeled pinky toe and

shouting daggers,

when a lovely little lilac of a face peers through the doorway and coos,

“Good morning, Mommy! I love you!”

Ahhh …

The world melts at your feet (one of them still in your hand).

Your heart drizzles dreamily back into its proper place,

And, just like that,

the day sheds its dour demeanor

and begins to dance.

Can you guess what all of the bold phrases in this entry have in common?

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So, ladies, are you in a hurry to hear the huff-and-puff that is soon to emanate from the hustings?




Let me clarify.

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