1. Elizabeth says:

    Well, I literally just finished reading the latest headlining story in the ‘Parade” magazine about the first lady chosen for our Supreme Court Justice, Mrs. Sandra Day O’Connor. And then I came here & read your topics for today & saw your pictures & thought how fitting yet again. Amazing strides in history for women & indeed some (if not most) of it still quite fresh. Also should note that I took the, “Can You Pass The Citizenship Test?” in the magazine’s sidebar. Seems Mrs. O’Connor has helped develop a Civics curriculum to help more than the 1 out of 3 American adults that cannot answer at least 6 (out of 10) questions correctly? I passed but some of the questions I really had to think about…?

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    What is most disturbing about voting rights at present are the states trying to purge voting rolls and make it more difficult for citizens, mostly on the margins, to vote. I have a feeling that the women in this photo would have been outraged at today’s efforts to deny voting rights for political gains!!

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