Farmgirls in the City, Day 3

Mia and I loved New York City! We could have spent the entire week in Central Park. At first, we thought it was a forest and couldn’t believe that new playgrounds kept popping up everywhere.

Central Park Rock

A forest surrounded by skyscrapers.

Central park pond

Hiking on all these nice paved trails is much easier than in our forests back home.

Farmgirls in the City, Day 2

One of our aunties attended college in New York City. When we were babies, she gave us a book all about the city. It was part of a whole series of children’s books about different cities across the world. We LOVE our NYC book.

5155n3D6ESL._SY300_We took it with us so we could visit some of the places illustrated in our book.


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Farmgirls Visit the City

Twice a year, manufacturers and retailers—people that buy, sell, and make linens (sheets, towels, bed sets, aprons, etc.) come from all over the world and meet in New York City. This means my daddy and sometimes my mommy and Nanny Jane get to travel from our wonderful and quiet little Moscow, Idaho, to the big and bustling city of Manhattan. This year, my spring break just so happened to be the same week that my dad was scheduled for his bi-annual trip, so we signed up to go, too!!

My mom, sister, and I had a blast in the big city!

Park Ave

Farmgirls on Park Avenue!

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