What’s for lunch today?

Okay, I have to say right up front, I didn’t stage this photo.

Ace’s lunch was sitting below her Sisterhood certificate as it has been every day for the past couple of weeks. I grabbed a shot so I could share her idea. Here’s her routine. On the weekend, she makes five “jar salads.” She pops them into her fridge for her daily work lunches coming up. She often puts a layer of salad dressing on the bottom. (Today, she brought a bottle.) The one pictured here was made three days ago, so they last very well. When you’re ready to eat, tip the jar upside down to spread the dressing and then eat from a bowl.

  1. She is one smart cookie! I love jars for taking iced tea on our road trips! Hey, this would work for leftover soup too! Just remove the lid and microwave, VOILA! Thanks for the idea!!

  2. Debra Davis says:

    That’s clever.

    I would LOVE to see more lunch ideas! Most days my lunch is carried in a day pack, and weight is an issue. In the winter I take a thermos for hot soup, and homemade bread in a plastic container. Always a slab of MJ’s half cup pemmican, some nuts and chocolate and fruit. I got tired of sandwiches about 20 years ago, so am on the hunt for alternatives. Variety is the spice of life…

  3. Eileen Widman says:

    Do the croutons stay crisp? It looks like there might be some on the top layer? Just wondering. I might add them later with the dressing. Never used a jar for this but often use a glass snap lid container that fits in my lunchbox. My husband does not like soggy salad unless it is tabouli but this with the dressing on the bottom idea is great! All he has to do is flip the container over and the dressing drizzles down. We are home made box lunch people here at our house. Always on the look out for new ideas. Thanks! My 66 year old husband delivers Propane around Port Townsend 5 days a week and he is a lunch box guy. No fast food stops for him so I have to send lots of little snack sized containers for him to browse through during his day. He is a grazer not a food bolter so he eats little things all day long!! Funny guy but it works out and the more interesting I can make his lunch box the better he likes it. must haves are carrot sticks, Celery with peanut butter and raisins, home made cookies of some sort, ( chocolate preferred whether oatmeal or chocolate chip or brownies) gluten free mostly, apple slices with nut butter for dipping, home made bread with filling of some sort, crackers with a home made garlic cream cheese ( I drain organic or home made yogurt to make my cream cheese) Any thing he can grab a bit of on the run. Salads he does stop and eat.

    • MaryJane says:

      Hi Eileen,
      Ace said she only puts the croutons in the top of the jar the morning of. Here’s the deal. The croutons our co-op makes from their day-old bread are so hard they almost break your teeth. Putting them in the top of the salad-in-the-jar does soften them but it’s an improvement in our case. Hubby might like an little bag of them on the side if he likes his croutons super crunchy.

  4. Elayne says:

    Genius! Love this idea!

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