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Hey Tommy, thanks for your kind letter and awesome CD. The photo of you in Ireland rocks! My line of organic backpacking food is what started it all, and I am proud to say we are still mixing, packaging, and shipping it out right here on the farm.

Hi MaryJane –

I thought that you might get a kick out of this photo. I took it on Christmas Morning in the Connemara Mountains in the west of Ireland. I got a fantastic Christmas present that morning. I changed fuel canisters and the new one worked great! The one that I had been using would take 30 minutes to heat a pint of water.

I’ve eaten your food all through the deserts and mountains of California, and of course, Ireland. I spent 6 weeks backpacking in the white mountains east of Fairbanks last summer – couldn’t find your food anywhere. Yours is pretty much the only dehydrated food that I eat. It’s really good. I actually have to keep myself from eating it at home!

I’m sending you a CD for grins. The banjo on the cover goes everywhere strapped on the back of my pack. Take care and thanks for caring so much about “real” food!

Tommy Dahill

  1. Laurie Dimino says:

    How cool is that?
    You see MaryJane, you really DO make a difference in so many peoples lives! Thank you again!
    Farmgirl Hugs,

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