Snowy Spring

With the first day of spring comes … snow?? All of our new little cow babes are ready to frolic in warm and grassy fields. Poor little sweethearts will just have to wait a little longer …

… but do you see those little specks below on the left? Yep. Those are the horses. (Breaking the ice is a daily necessity during the winter around here.)

LB and Nutmeg were more than happy to have some company.

It seems there isn’t particularly much (other than the white, cold, fluffy stuff) to look at right now.


  1. Laurie Dimino says:

    Love the pictures MaryJane! They definately say “Winter”, and are beautiful, but I am sure that everyone including you, are ready for a “real” Spring. Here in New York, we have been having crazy weather in the opposite way. It has been in the 70’s, just about all week! Mother Nature is certainly keeping us all on our toes. Thanks again for always starting my day off with your “Farmgirl Photo of the Day”. I love when I “power up” the computer and see just what the day’s photo will reveal!

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