Are you a grubby girl?

While my daughter, Meg, and I were away in Toronto making an in-store appearance at Sears, two guests of my B&B, Mark and Kelley, left us the most thoughtful gift—Grubby Girls Soap! As well as the sweetest letter from Angela Bailey, another guest. I sure wish I could have been here to meet all of you. Best of luck with starting your own farm, Angela. One day, when the stars align, I look forward to meeting you in person!

Louise, our farmhand who’s engaged, was entranced by …

… these yummy soaps (especially the raspberry one). They got her to thinking soaps would be a fun way to personalize gifts for her bridesmaids.

  1. Angela Bailey says:

    My goodness! I cannot believe you mentioned me on your blog! Today my husband and I met with our builder to go over plans for our very own barn. I was smiling and giddy the entire time! Our builder was like, “I can tell you are very excited!” 🙂
    Cows and chickens are definitely in my future. My visit to your B&B and time spent with Kim was the extra little shove I needed to continue to pursue my dream.
    I hope to visit Moscow again, maybe next time with a child or two in tow. And I so hope to meet you someday! Thanks for being an inspiration to me!

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