Maizy & Daisy

Dated July 8, 2012—entry left in our B&B guest book:

“Our second time here, this time Daisy, our daughter, is seven, and we brought the orange ’69 Corvette! Daisy fell in love w/Maizy the cow, Etta the calf, and the little fat and sassy bull. She says, ‘Maizy licked me yesterday and it was scratchier than a cat.'”

Adorable Daisy helped us milk Maizy and then we grabbed her father’s HOT …

…corvette and took some playful photos. Models Meg and Erin were in and out of the kitchen cooking breakfast for a dozen guests while I waited patiently behind the lens of my camera. Check out “Glampers on the Loose” on Facebook to see what I did with my early morning photo. 

Love at first sight.

And again, love at first sight.

Hot rods and glamour go together like … 

… yogurt and strawberries. B&B breakfast straight from our gardens and Maizy.

  1. Terry Steinmetz says:

    I’m so content seeing these pictures. Thanks for sharing them!!! By the way, Daisy is right, a cow’s tongue is scratchy like a cat’s.

  2. Rae B says:

    I laughed when I saw that the name of your calf is Etta. That is actually my first name, but I have always gone by my middle name. The reason I had to smile is that it reminded me that when my mother told my grandmother (her mother) my name, she disliked it so much she said she was going to call me Pet. Pet was the name of my grandmother’s cow.

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