Night Lights

It’s one of those days when I’m anxious to see things from a different angle. Travel will do that to a person.


Hmmm … I think not.



Do you ever have one of those days?

I feel like shakin’ things up,

spinning around, gigglin’ a little.

Maybe look at my life through a magnifying glass,

or a telescope …

Maybe a kaleidoscope?

A fresh perspective; that’s what I’m wanting.

It’s easy to get stodgy, despite our best intentions.

While I’m busy worrying about the chemicals in our food supply, I forget to savor the gift of nourishment.

Have I planted myself so firmly in my beliefs and opinions that I’ve lost sight of the big picture?

It’s easy to fret about the future of the planet, and then forget to appreciate the miracle of being here.

Time for a wake-up call,

A shake-up call.

Ask, and ye shall receive …

Satellite photo of North America’s night lights, courtesy of NOAA.

This dazzling photo, taken from space, illuminates something about civilization that stirs me. I find myself seeing my homeland, my people, from a brand new perspective—somewhere up among the stars—and it reaffirms my sense of connectivity to, well, everyone.

Yes, it’s a birds-eye glimpse of too many bulbs burning, but there’s no denying the bright, colorful beauty of this sparkling scene. If I look at it without cynicism, I see a glowing beacon at the end of a dark and lonely road. I see porch lights abuzz with late-summer moths. There are softly lit stained glass windows in quiet churches, and flashlights ablaze beneath the blankets of little readers who are supposed to be asleep.

I see humanity, and it lights the chambers of my heart.

Perspective is everything.

  1. Shery says:

    Hmmmmmmm, a kaleidescope, now that is a fun thought…take transparencies of yourself or a loved one and create images. A fresh look at your self is always a good idea…taking stock, looking for places that need fine tuning or improvement…or even be nice to yourself and feel good about what you see.

  2. Terry Steinmetz says:

    Perspectives are what help us imagine what another’s life is or can be. We long to be a part of the bigger picture, to share the simple things that happen; the hopes, dreams & fears of each other. But it is also what makes us want something better for everyone. I love to think that I’m making a difference for my family–my children & grandchildren–along this road of life. That’s why I did the “different” things (homebirths, homeschooling before it was fashionable) to help make change for them & others. And along the way, I hope I can see another perspective. Ahhh…keeping the dreams alive one day at a time, one moment too!

  3. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I agree that travel is one of the best ways to get a new perspective . The world becomes so small in our everyday routines that we cannot see the forest for the trees. We make better decisions when we are rested and renewed. Travel is the one opportunity to accomplish this that most people can do . Even if the travel is to a state park nearby for a day of fun. The challenge we all have is NOT talking ourselves out of leaving because we have convinced ourselves we are too busy.!

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